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Getting involved

The Larick Centre is a community resource with the aim to get people together, to meet, become involved and celebrate with each other. This can only happen if people within the community take ownership and lead or support activities and events and are being involved in both policy and operational issues of The Larick Centre.

The Larick Centre is for the community by the community of Tayport.

There are different ways to become involved:

  • By setting up an activity, event or community group
    Set up a games nights or a cycle event. Any ideas are welcome. Staff can help by i.e. identifying funding and/or publicity.picture of a chess board as an example of organising chess games at The Larick Centre
  • By having your say:-
    Would you like to join the Users Forum
    Provide comments and feedback
  • By volunteering & placements and gain experience and skills
  • By subscribing to our online Info Bulletin