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Volunteering and Placements with Tayport Community Trust

TCT has as its aim to develop sustainable activities for the benefit of the people of Tayport by the people of Tayport. It is an organisation run mostly by volunteers, people who donate their time, skills and experience to contribute to the vibrancy and sustainability of the Tayport community.

Everything the Community Trust does is done with help of volunteers: such as being a member of the Board, funding applications, membership administration, planning and organising activities and projects, local fundraising, publicity and promotion, recruitment of staff for the various projects, etc.

And of course, the projects themselves: The Harbour Café and The Community Garden work with volunteers and when The Larick Centre opens, we will need volunteers then to help to run it too.

Volunteers can help in The Community Garden by looking after the plants, or help with workshops or groups who are visiting the garden. Volunteers at The Harbour Café can help with serving or baking.

At The Larick Centre there will be a lot of small or big tasks to do, for example, reception work, some administration, setting up rooms, publicity and promotion of events, and many more.

People volunteer for all sorts of reasons:

  • they may want to acquire new skills and work experience
  • increase confidence/self-esteem
  • gain a current reference and up- date their CV
  • meet new people
  • gain a sense of achievement
  • to reduce feelings of isolation or boredom
  • develop new interests
  • to put talents or interests to good use
  • and, perhaps most importantly, have fun!

We celebrate our Volunteers with parties and events. Without Volunteers we can not exist.

Volunteers can work towards various awards i.e.:

If you are aged 16 – 30, it is also possible to volunteer or have a placement for 20-30 hours per week for up to 3 months through Project Scotland.

Other Placements are possible through College and Uni. Ask your tutor for more information.

Interested? Get in touch!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Check the pages of the different projects. There might be something there for you!

But get in touch anyway if you have ideas or time to spare.