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Tayport Community Trust was established in 2008 to develop and support projects and activities that contribute to a vibrant and sustainable local community

TCT is a Scottish Registered Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee with representation and involvement from many local organisations. Membership of TCT is open to all residents of Tayport.

Amongst TCT’s most notable achievements are:

  • Establishing and running the Harbour Café, a social enterprise community catering outlet.
  • Assisting in the development of a prize-winning Community Garden.
  • Driving the long-standing project to provide a multi-purpose Community Hub for the people of Tayport to a successful conclusion.

Since 2008, in pursuit of these achievements, TCT and its related organisations have raised over £3.7 million in pledges and donations from a wide variety of funders to whom we are very grateful.  However, far from resting on our laurels, we are not only working to sustain and develop these existing projects, but also to launch yet another social enterprise in the form of a campsite adjacent to the new Community Hub. Further details on all of these projects can be viewed via their respective links on the welcome page of our website.

TCT Board of Trustees

Name Position Date Appointed
Tim Brett Chair Co-opted Member – 12 January 2022
David Vallis Vice chair Elected Member – 3 December 2021
Joan Grant Treasurer Elected Member – 22 February 2018
Sally Walker Community Council Rep. – 18 August 2021
Richard Tough Elected Member – 27 November 2017
Jenny Glen Elected Member – 26 February 2021
Jenny Copland Elected Member – 3 December 2021

The Harbour Café, Larick Cafe and Larick Campsite are administered by Tayport Community Enterprises Ltd., a sub-group of Tayport Community Trust, which has its own separate Board of Directors

TCE Board of Directors

Name Position Date Appointed
Richard Tough October 2016
Grant Avery February 2020
Richard Holme June 2023