The world is making history; let's tell Tayport's story

This global disaster will be spoken of and taught about for a long time to come. It has touched us all in unique ways.
How are the people of Tayport getting through these unusual times? What are we doing differently? How are we feeling and express these feelings?
Some people are putting their lives on the line, some are working hard to get food and medicines distributed, some have suffered loss and bereavement.
Others have found peace in a chaotic world and discovered new interests.
All of us have had to adjust and make changes in our daily routines; for some this may not feel hard, for others it is a daily struggle.

When we capture these changing times, we can reflect the good and the sad, and there will be a record for future generations to learn about.

Below are the recordings of  thoughts, images, memories and observations  of local people and businesses in Tayport.