Breakfast - served all day



– served with butter or low-fat spread, jam, marmalade or homemade lemon curd

Scrambled eggs


– served with toast and butter or low- fat spread

Scrambled eggs and bacon


- served with toast and butter or low-fat spread

Fried or scrambled egg roll


Pork sausages on a roll


Black pudding roll


Bacon roll


Big Breakfast


– bacon, sausage, black pudding, fried egg/scrambled egg, potato scone, beans and toast

Extra Butter or Spread

£0.15 each

Extra Sachet of sauce

£0.10 each

Add any additional item to your breakfast or roll


– per item

Bacon, waffle and maple syrup



A bowl of home-made soup


- served with bread or a roll with butter or low- fat spread

Harbour Deal

A bowl of home-made soup, served with either a sandwich or a toastie filled with our filling of the day as displayed on our board


Harbour Specials

– all served with a salad garnish


please take a look at our boards for our daily specials

Veggie Heaven

– A panini topped with nut free pesto, sun blushed tomatoes, peppers and sliced mozzarella

Bacon and Brie

– A panini topped with back bacon and brie

Chorizo, Mozzarella and sun blushed tomatoes

– served on a toasted ciabatta

BBQ Pulled pork melt

– BBQ pulled pork, mozzarella and red onion on a toasted ciabatta


Please make up your own lunch from the choice of fillings below – all are served with a salad garnish

Sandwich with 1 filling


Toastie with 1 filling


Panini with 1 filling


Toasted Ciabatta with 1 filling


Baked Potato with 2 fillings


Harbour Salad with 2 fillings


Add any 1 filling


- Cheddar, Sliced Mozzarella, Brie, Chicken Breast, Sliced Ham, Chorizo, Back Bacon, Tuna Mayo, Chicken Mayo, Sliced Tomato, Red Onion, Wholegrain Mustard, Nut Free Pesto, Egg Mayo, Coronation Chicken, Sun Blushed Tomatoes, Sliced Peppers, Sandwich Pickle, Hummus

Vegan Menu Options

Vegan Breakfast


– vegan sausages, beans, tomato, potato scone and toast

Dip and Sticks


– hummus served with carrot, cucumber and pepper sticks

Vegan Sausages


– on a roll

Beans on Toast


– 2 slices of toast served with baked beans

Hummus Salad Sandwich


- a sandwich with hummus, grated carrot, grated beetroot, red onion, peppers, cucumber, tomato

Childrens Menu



– 1 slice served with butter or low-fat spread and jam or marmalade

Scrambled Egg and Toast


– 1 slice of toast served with scrambled egg

Sausage Sandwich


– 1 slice of bread served with low fat spread and a pork sausage



– a small bowl of soup served with bread and butter or low fat spread

Harbour Kids


– a sandwich or a toastie, filled with a choice of any 1 filling from below: cheese, ham, jam, tuna mayo, chicken, chicken mayo, hummus, served with either cucumber or tomatoes, fruit, a yogurt tube and either a carton of apple or orange juice or a small glass of milk

Beans on Toast

£1.50 (with cheese £1.70)

– 1 slice of toast, served with baked beans

Cheese on Toast


– 1 slice of toast, served with either cheddar or mozzarella cheese

Yogurt Tube


Little Latte


– (without the coffee) a cup of hot milk, with or without the chocolate dust


The Harbour Café is run for the benefit of the Community of Tayport by Tayport Community Enterprises – the trading arm of Tayport Community Trust.

We are staffed mostly by volunteers, of all ages and abilities, who very graciously give up some free time to help us to operate on a day to day basis! We couldn’t do this without them!

If you would like to become a volunteer waiter/waitress in the café, talk to one of our staff members, we would welcome you aboard.