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Tayport Community Hub - The Community Provision

Please note, the following items make up our aspirations for the development. Time, Capital Funding, and Business Planning will determine the development order and timescale for these.


This is what it's all about - Bringing the Community together through a range of activities and opportunities. This is a Community Hub. And we want to create something for everyone in this community, plus elements that will attract others from outside the area to come to Tayport and find out about what this place has to offer for themselves. It will create a safe environment for families to have fun together and for individuals to come and be amongst other people on an equal footing. It's about strengthening the community through new opportunities for local clubs and groups; employment, training and volunteering for individuals; and additional trading options for local businesses to boost the local economy.


A mix of service and vending machine areas providing healthy options using local produce where possible. Plus a decent cuppa. All of this based on the success of our current trading activity, The Harbour Café.

Soft Play Area

A large area with the usual soft play mix of climbing, sliding and having fun! It is also hoped to incorporate a crèche facility into this provision.

Training Kitchen

As well as providing for the café and eventually an external catering service, the kitchen will be split to allow for the provision of training courses for people of all ages on things like basic cooking skills and healthy eating tips.

Local Information Displays

There will be opportunity not just to promote the historical significance of the area, but also for local groups to engage with a wide range of people through these information displays regarding current activities and events. We will also signpost to nearby attractions including Tentsmuir Nature Reserve.

Community Planting

In association with our PLANT group, we hope to provide space for growing a range of plants and food. Some may be used for our training kitchen and café.

Miscellaneous rooms for various usage

In order to support a range of activities, from large scale support services like Community Health and Community Police, to local groups including clubs and dance/fitness activities, there will be a range of rooms of differing sizes to attempt to meet the needs of as many people as possible.

Large events hall

Equipped for performances, conferences, parties, dance classes and much more. There will be provision for subdivision as well as the option of full seating or table set up.


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