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Tayport Community Hub - The Arts Provision

Please note, the following items make up our aspirations for the development. Time, Capital Funding, and Business Planning will determine the development order and timescale for these.


The arts are an important way to bring the community together and we want to incorporate this into the Hub. We want to take every opportunity to bring the arts, and artists, to the fore.

Performance Venue

Venue that will be enabled for theatre performances including the ability to create wings and backstage areas. Sub-division of the venue will allow smaller performances to be accommodated as much as larger ones.

Workshop rooms for local artists to use.

Amongst the miscellaneous rooms that will be available for use by a range of groups, will be some that can be used by local artists and clubs.

Retail space for showcasing local artists

In addition to the opportunities that already are in place at The Harbour Café to display art work, this retail space will allow numerous artists to display their work in a more formal environment and sell it directly to the public.


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