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PLANT - People Learning About Nature in Tayport

PLANT Logo PLANT (People Learning About Nature in Tayport) is Tayport Community Trusts garden group, bringing people together to help make Tayport a beautiful, productive environment.

Scotscraig Planted
Scotscraig PLANTed

PLANT is undertaking lots of garden related activities around Tayport to brighten up our surroundings, and has plans for so much more.

For more information, please get in touch through the details on the right of this page. Thank you in anticipation of your help


Tayport Community Growing Space

PLANT group was successful in their grant application to Climate Challenge Fund for the Tayport Community Growing Space project, as announced by Scottish Government on Monday, 26 of January 2015. For the full announcement see our news item here.

Now, in July 2015, we have received full planning permission to get the project started! The latest press release can be see here.

We've got staff ready to go, and are champing at the bit to get started to establish an inclusive community garden and training for Tayport residents to grow more food locally while reducing carbon emissions due to food miles and travel. The garden will be a mix of allotments and shared plots and will act as a knowledge hub for developing and sharing skills through workshops and social events aimed at the whole Tayport community.

PLANT welcomes continuing contributions to the project plans from all Tayport residents. We have held further consultation sessions but we'd still love to hear from you. For more information, follow us on Facebook or email us. Details on the right.

And now you can follow our Community Growing Space blog here.


Cafe Garden

We have also developed a garden behind the Harbour Cafe. We normally meet there every Monday morning but for now, the Cafe Garden is closed for the winter. Vegetables are in the walled garden behind the cafe and the herbaceous border is just across the road, facing the harbour. It's fairly light work (unless you want to dig out some brambles!) just light weeding, planting, thinning and watering, and lots of chat.

The cafe has already been using a wide range of produce including radishes, lettuces, beans and herbs plus fresh leeks, kale and chard for their soup and several tasty varieties of salad!

Not only is this a bit of fun, it's also a good way of sharing growing tips! You can then sample the wonderful cafe lunches.

To get into the cafe garden you need to go through the close door to the right of the cafe entrance, however this door is kept locked for security. To access the garden, shout over the wall or ask the cafe staff.

Come and join us! We would be delighted to hear from anyone interested - any age, new to gardening or experienced. And we would welcome views and ideas.


Fruit Tree Walk

In 2012, Fife Council gave the group consent to plant fruit trees on open ground as part of a fruit tree walk through Tayport. The Council awarded £2000 towards the cost of the trees, a native tree hedge and wildflowers. In spring 2013, two workshops on planting and pruning took place, tutored by Perthshire fruit expert Andrew Lear. Local volunteers of all ages and levels of gardening experience had fun planting 29 Scottish heritage apples and plums, many local to Tayside and Fife, as well as a hedge of 300 native trees. A swathe of wildflowers was sown at Scotscraig, and a border of perennials established opposite the Harbour cafe.


The group is also very grateful to Scotmid for its award for the cost of the workshops.

PLANT has been given consent to continue the walk, and is working with Fife Council towards a community garden and allotments, and a community woodland.

If you haven't visited the Fruit Tree Walk then why not take a walk around it at Scotscraig Drive. The native hedge is all in leaf (no flowers yet) and fruit trees are doing well. There were a few blossoms earlier on some of the apples, and most of the damsons. The stars of the show just now are the wild flowers which are blooming profusely and looking spectacular. At Garvie Brae we have a few less blackcurrant bushes than we started with, but the ones still there are laden with fruit and gooseberries are doing well.

It's all thanks to everyone who has ever supported PLANT in any way, whether actively planting or showing a bit of interest and encouragement, your help is all needed,and very much appreciated.

You can see more about this in the video below.