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Tayport Community Hub

A derelict former Steel Works in Tayport can be transformed into a bright and vibrant new centre, featuring a mix of Community, Sports, Arts, Tourism and Business elements. The Trust has great aspirations, which we hope to fulfill in a series of build stages. Our overall aim is to create jobs, enhance health, foster sustainability, and bring renewed interest to this corner of the North of Fife. In a project led by local people through Tayport Community Trust, we aim to bring a new development which will be constructed to create light, flexible spaces that support a range of uses as identified through engaging with the community. We want the building to support local community development, and be a destination for visitors. This combination will enable us to develop the facility over the coming years, and bring continued growth within the community for many years to come.


Work will be taking place on site over the next 2 weeks as polluted soil is removed. There shouldn't be any disruption to your daily lives at all as working times have been restricted. Please note that this is a Fife Council operation though, so any queries should be passed through their Estates or Environment Services departments. This is an exciting development though after all these years of waiting and means we can finally move forward!

The plans have received a boost by being moved to Stage 2 of a £1m application to the Big Lottery, Growing Community Assets, Fund. This doesn't guarantee the money as yet, but shows that the Lottery see value in progressing our efforts. For more information see our Press Release here.

The Trust has also received £119,023 for development funds over this next year. More information on that can be found here.

Also, we have secured £42,000 from the Scottish Land Fund to assist in the purchase of the site from Fife Council. This follows the approval from Fife Council Executive committee to release the site at a reduced price following their dealing with the essential remediation works to polluted soil. More information on that here.

By clicking the name of each of the strands above or in the right hand column, we will detail the hoped for individual elements that fit with each of the five strands of the Hub. These are the pieces of the jigsaw we aim to bring over the coming years as the building develops. We are currently working with our design team to identify the most suitable build order so that we can meet as much of the community need as possible, while also ensuring the development is financially sustainable.

It may also help to view a summary of feedback from our month-long consultation during June 2015. This can be seen here.

Fife Council have released the site to the community at reduced cost, and are dealing with historical pollution. We will then work to bring a new building to the site, to create light, flexible spaces that are well fitted out for a range of uses as identified through engaging with the local community.

The new building will offer something for everyone. Casual recreation for all the family; hard core facilities for the serious and strenuous; a crucible for the artistic; a home base for diverse community groups; pop up venues for community policing and health outreach; space for business development; and another really great café! It will create jobs, enhance health, attract visitors, foster sustainability, and bring renewed interest to this corner of the North of Fife.

This will be a destination for the community, sports clubs, arts fans, wildlife enthusiasts, pilgrims, walkers, cyclists, and many more including visitors to Tentsmuir Nature Reserve.

If we are to realise this project, then we need as much support across the community as possible. If you are interested in helping the Trust make a better Tayport, then please email us at enquiries@tayportct.org.uk. You can also show your support by becoming a member. This costs you nothing except a few minutes to fill in a form, but will pay huge dividends with the knowledge that you are supporting Tayport Community Trust in their quest. You can download the membership form here or pick one up from the Harbour Cafe.

For more information, check out the short video below that has been produced for us by Rachel Roberts and Graeme O'Hara. We offer grateful thanks to them for their help and generosity.


Thank you in anticipation of your support. We look forward to bringing this exciting venture to Tayport over the coming years.


Draft Artists Impression of Community Hub (cafe/communal outdoor space) looking North West: