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Youth Travel Bursary


Tayport Community Trust felt that there was a need to put in place a means to help the youth of Tayport. The success and talent of Luke Davies who has worked very hard to improve his juggling skills and has given up so much of his time to support community events inspired this. The Trust believe he is a great example for the youth of Tayport.


  • To help the youth of Tayport to develop their skills that will benefit their personal development but will also benefit the local community. (The funds will specifically aim to support travel costs only.)
  • To allow a means for individuals to donate moneys to the Bursary.


Individuals would need to apply for funding in writing to the Trustees of Tayport Community Trust via the Bursary Secretary, supplying the following information:

  • Name, address, and date of birth;
  • Sponsors/references;
  • Purpose of travel – course, exhibition, competition, etc;
  • Description of how the trip will benefit the local community and you personally;
  • Brief overview of costs and when they will be required.

Applications will be reviewed by the Bursary Review Committee consisting: Bursary Secretary; Elected Youth; and Local Councillor.

Assessment: Does it cover objectives and have relevant details?:

  • "NO" then respond to applicant (does not meet objectives or needs further information.)
  • "YES" then put forward with recommendation to Trustees of Tayport Community Trust.

Trustees decision: respond to applicant (Secretary).

The applicant must supply: receipts of travel costs (required for audit), and a written update from awardee after event (what was achieved and did it achieve the aims).

Further Guidelines

  • Annual Bursary minimum budget £300.
  • Maximum award for one individual £75.
  • Youth age: Under 24 years from the date of event.