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Community Hub 2015 Exhibition and Consultation Summary

Thanks to the generosity of local businessman Mr Habib, we spent a whole month in 68 Castle Street with our exhibition for the latest plans for the Community Hub proposals. This was a great opportunity to engage with as many people as possible and to capture the views of local people, organisations and visitors alike.

This page will bring you a summary of the consultation.

During 89 hours of consultation availability, we directly engaged with 417 people.

We met with 24 sports groups representing 21 different sporting activities, plus 15 community, arts and crafts groups.

Individuals identified themselves as being involved in 44 different local groups.

108 Questionnaires were completed.

42 Flip Chart Sheets were filled with comments and suggestions.

96% of questionnaire respondents were in favour of the development.

Over 60 new members signed up to support our work.

We had visits from the following supporting organisations:

  • Fife Coast and Countryside Trust
  • Scottish Natural Heritage
  • Forestry Commission
  • Fife Council Sports Development
  • Community Learning and Development
  • Fife Cultural Trust
  • Fife Sports and Leisure Trust
  • Disability Sports Fife
  • RSPB
  • Fife Council Planning
  • HostelHub

Here's a summary of your feedback for the types of facilities you would use.

Thank you so much to all those who came in and engaged with us. Positive, negative, constructive - it all helps.


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